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Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Royal Wedding Prince William and Kate Middleton

Prince William  Princess Kate

Wooo yeaah..
I'm very so obsessed with The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.
You know? I'm very excited. Yeaaah I dont know the caused. 
Prince William are handsome, and Kate Middleton are very beauty and have inner beauty.
They are mary at London (Oh I'm forget the name of place) , 29th of April on 2011.
Woaa milions of eyes show the history wedding of the century. Prince William and Princess Kate is very very match couple. Yeah I like it :D
And I like their party. Very fantastic and waw AMAZING !!
Kate's costum is simple but her still beauty.
This is the best picture for me :)

* woo William and his wife Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, kiss as they stand on the balcony at Buckingham Palace after their wedding in Westminster Abbey.

And the other photos ...
They are best couple yaaah...

My Idol, very beautyfull? alright
Kate Middleton now & childhood

To see more photos go
Official website William-Kate

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Friday, April 29, 2011

Big Surprise :'(

Wooaa I get a big surprise today :'(
maybe this song can describe about my heart now. 
Cekidooot Let's playing the music :'(
(Oh ya, This is Indonesian song, but I'm transleting to English because I'm afraid somebody know my mood)

"So long we have been separated
I think now you're not alone anymore

I also now like your self
One heart has filled my life
Needless to thee out of this nostalgia
And again maybe you have been happy now

But if you hear this song lyric
To be honest I was very merindui mu
It's not worth menghayal about your self
Because you no longer like the old
Although my weight on your nostalgia
I'll miss my block forbidden

Let me just save it
Let me have buried

Forbidden I've missed on your

But if you hear this song lyric
To be honest I was very merindui mu
It's not worth dreaming about your self
Because you no longer like the old

Although my weight on your nostalgia

Let me blocking my longing for the forbidden

I miss my content in my heart
I hope no one who knows
Let me just save it
Let me have buried
Forbidden I've missed on your"

Webcame again

Oooh I'm forget the time of this moment :O
We are webcame in Dimas's house.
We get to make a film about cuboid in a group and then we make thats film in Dimas house.
Well, make a film make me veru very very crazy (oh no) :'(
But I'm keep smile and enjoy. Relax playing Ronald's laptop , hmm yeaah webcame !!!
Tari is member of group but she is not available because her parents are disagree .
Meilisa is not member of our group work. She is come to Dimas house to enjoy and relax and she get the work too. LOL. look it very fun hah yey -_-

Oaaagh crazy LOL. We get work to make a film with duration 80 MINUTES !!! Bzzzz -_____-

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Monday, April 25, 2011

award lagi \(ˇ▽ˇ)/

Yey yey dapat award lagi nih kali ini dari Yossy . Makasih ya Yossy :)
Ini dia award nya ...

Sesuai dengan ketentuan, award ini harus dibagikan ke 7 blogger.
Sempat bingung pngen bagikan ke siapa soalnya aku punya temen dikit di blogger *sedih
Tapi pas blogwalking ketemu 7 blogger yg sepertinya baik dan ramah deh,
7 orang itu adalah:
1. Yossy (aku kirim balik ya)
2. Izoel
3. Ari Febrian
4. Meisa
5. Amira
6. Bagas
7. Bang Andre

Salam bloofers (blog of friendship),

Webcame crazy LOL

hihi go back.
this is continue story of Bikers community part 2 .
I go back together with Verdi Zella Alfredo Faiq to Zella's house .
Hooooaa we have tired . Zella's sister give we "kerupuk" for me and my friends.
We eat because we are hungry and tired, so the toples of the "kerupuk" is empty.

And also we play and online with Zella's laptop.
We have webcame with our expressions .
haha this is the result of the webcame

it's not bad ! :D

The best of photo when Alfredo Faiq and me make as 
profile picture on Facebook

the face of "NARSIS"

Have 65 photos of the webcame capture. You can see more in my album on facebook. If you are my friend on facebook, you can see my album webcame verdifaiqalfredozellagristia B)

hoho I love 23rd April of 2011 :)

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award award \(ˇ▽ˇ)/

hihi dapat award dari Bobby Setyawan . makasih ya awardnya dan kunjungannya.
sekali lagi makasih ya :)
makasih juga buat Rara yg udah ngajarin aku gimana caranya nerima award yg baik dan benar #haha gue katrok

sesuai ketentuan, aku bakal kasih award ini ke 15 sahabat blogger lainnya.
dan award ini aku kasih buat visitors dan sahabat sahabat aku:
1. Bobby Setyawan
2. Rara
3. Arfi
4. Karina
5. Yossy
6. Hana
7. rimee
8. Gilang
9. Norbaiduri Hafizah
10. Roni
11. Tubelawak
12. afifi
13. sharifah
14. Qefi
15. Kak Bella

yeeey itu dia nama nama visitors dan sahabatku yg mendapat award .
okeee thanks ya semuanya..
salam blogger,

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Bikers community part 2

Hey guys, On April 23, 2011 (Saturday) , me and my friends of "Bikers Community" traavelling go to GOR PANGSUMA use their bicycle . But a half from we have jogging because not all have a bicycle . We are happy . We are breakfast together after that . But, we have a problem . A problem because a selfish that have many my friends . hmm... though so I'm very happy to be gathered together
the result of capture is bad because we take it using the camera handphone
(me & zella)

Time breakfast together in mini restoran beside GOR PANGSUMA

style hahaha

Yeaahh I love yesterday.
And we come back to house together.
I come back tigether with Zella, Tari, Verdi, Faiq, Alfredo.
And we stay enjoy in Zella's house n break because we have tired.
Tari must be back home because her parents want go.

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Friday, April 8, 2011

Swiming 8B at Oevang Oeray \(ˇ▽ˇ)/

At Thursay, 7th of April I go to Oevang Oeray (swiming pool) together with Abi, Adi, Alief, Alfredo, Dimas, Gilang, Joddy, Faiq, Ridho, Verdi, Petty, Eky, Trai, Zaiv, Zia, & Ommie (not visited, but I was surprised with ommie, we did not take he to oevang Oeray, but he appeared there. Ommie is not from 8B, but its okay, so funny) .

My school holidays for 1 week. Me and my friends agree on holiday to oevang Oeray to swiming together in there. We are very pleased. We play slide, tug of war, and more. Too many friends who are not good at swimming. so we played in a small pond depth 0.8meters. hihihi. We gathered there from 7am until 11am . Here are photos of our successful capture. hahaha ..

(me in the mid of two boys, I've purple T-Shirt)

Expressions together

Oh yeaahh...

My favorite moment was when my friend drove with friends in a blue colored slide.

(if you are my friend on facebook, you can see more photos in my album  Swiming 8B)

A nice vacation. But we have a lot of homework. So, we must not relax for too long. Just Remember To April :')

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Friday, April 1, 2011


when testing Sastra Indonesian in my class, me and Zia can not answer the questions of essay . As a result I glanced at Mary and then took her Markers "Snowman" . Since me and zia can not do anything at that time, and then we make a grafiti . hahaha \(ˇ▽ˇ)/

hohoho \(ˇ▽ˇ)/
cameramen mode : Gristia
model : Gristia's hand
Grafitti  : crated by Gristia & Zia 
Eddited by |gristia.scape&art|

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